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Mouhamed Gueye

Mouhamed Gueye, team ATL

Player's name: Mouhamed Gueye
Team: No current NBA team (as of September 2021)
Position: Center
Height: 7 feet 0 inches (2.13 meters)
Weight: 245 pounds (111 kg)
Nationality: Senegalese
Born: June 30, 1998
Age: 23 years old
College: Stony Brook University
Drafted: Not drafted in the NBA
Previous teams: None (yet to play in the NBA)
Bio: Mouhamed Gueye is a professional basketball player from Senegal. He played college basketball at Stony Brook University. Gueye is known for his exceptional height and shot-blocking ability. However, as of now, he hasn't played in the NBA or signed with any NBA team.